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Services for Non Resident Indians NRI from United States of America (USA)

Indian Population in United States of America (USA):
As of 2013 US Population estimates, people of Indian origin living in USA are 3.1 million in number. In other words, Indo Americans constitute of 1% of US Population. Among all other Asian American communities, Indian American community stands at third position behind Chinese Americans, and Filipino Americans. Indian Americans numbers have grown in recent years.

As per a study by Pew Research Center in 2010, 87.2% of Indian American adults were foreign born. And according to the same study, just 56.2% of those Indian Americans adults were US citizens. The study further places the data that Indian Americans are the most highly educated community in United States. Approximately, 70% Indian Americans above the age of 25 had college degrees in 2010.

Indians continue to get the major chunk of H1-B visas. In 2011, 72438 Indians received H1-B visas, which is about 56% of such Visas issued in that year. In fiscal year 2014, the number increased to 221200 out of a total of 316000 H1-B visas granted in 2014 by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Additionally, 103000 Indian born students enrolled for studies in US educational institutions in 2013-14. Indians in America continue to settle in California (19%), New Jersey (11%), and Texas (9%).

Property Management Services for Indian Diaspora from United States of America-USA

According to 2013 American community survey, approximately 69.3% of Indian Americans aged 16 and above were in science, business, arts, engineering, software development, management occupations.

Indian Americans also continue to top the chart as far as yearly income is concerned. In 2013, the median income of Indian household in America was US$ 103000, whereas the median income of other foreign immigrants was US$ 48000 and median income of native populations was US$ 53000.

Indian Diaspora in the United States of America has been instrumental in growth and development of Information Technology industry. And the same Diaspora has played a key role in building India’s Information Technology (IT) industry.

Remittances by Indian Diaspora:
Indian Diaspora in United States is highly educated and economically stable. It’s a vibrant Diaspora which continues to have strong bond with their homeland of India. Many Indian Americans in United States arrived with very little resources; however, by sheer hard work, skills, and education they have achieved economic prosperity. This section of Indian Diaspora considers giving back to their homeland an obligation and a responsibility that they cherish.

Indian Diaspora has played a major role in growth and development of Indian IT (Information Technology) and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry. The industry is estimated at US$ 132 billion in 2014-15. This industry is expected to touch US$ 350 billion in revenues by 2025, thereby, giving major boost to India’s growing economy.

Indian Diaspora from United States remitted about 13 billion US$ in 2012 out of a total remittances of 67 billion US$ received by India from its Diaspora around the world. Indian Diaspora in US comprises of both Non Resident Indians (NRI) as well as Person of Indian Origin (PIO). They invest in start-ups, e-commerce sector, IT industry, real estate, as well as maintenance of households in their homeland.

Relations between India and USA:
India and United States share a strong political, economic, commercial, and cultural relationship. The economic and commercial relationship is driven by entrepreneurs and businesses in both the countries. In January 2015, President Obama and Prime Minister Modi elevated the bilateral commercial and economic partnership to first of its kind US-India strategic & commercial dialogue.

Bilateral trade between the 2 countries has surged from 19 billion US$ in 2000 to over 100 Billion US$ in 2014. And Cumulative FDI from USA into India stood at 28 billion US$, whereas FDI from India into US totaled 7.8 billion US$ in 2014.

The main export items from India to United States are IT, agricultural products, gems & jewelry, textiles, chemicals & engineering goods. While Unites states mainly exported items such as machinery, medical and optical instruments, aircraft & aviation machinery, precious stones and metals, organic chemicals.

The US-India relations are on strong footing and will continue to strengthen in coming years, therefore, boosting not only trade relationship but also people to people contacts. Indian Diaspora has also played a key role in boosting India-US relations.

Property Management Services for Indian Diaspora living in USA:
As discussed above, Indians in USA remit upwards of 13 billion US$ into India every year. Even though we do not have segregated data, but, major chunk of it goes into start-ups, IT industry, e-commerce sector, buying real estate, stock markets, and maintenance of households in India.

Non Resident Indians (NRI) living in United States of America invest in real estate in India by buying commercial as well as residential properties such as apartment, villa, studio apartment, office spaces. They invest in major Indian economic centers such as Bangalore, Kolkata, Kochi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. However, managing these properties become extremely hard for these NRI investors since they are far away. And Property management is a day to day job which is best handled by property managers. A property manager focuses on property details and enhances investment returns for NRI property.

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