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Services for Indian Diaspora (NRI, and PIO) living in Saudi Arabia

Indian Population in Saudi Arabia:
As per the figures released by Ministry of Overseas Affairs in India, the population of Indians working and living in Saudi Arabia was 2800013 by the end of January 2015. Out of which approximately, 2800000 were Non Resident Indians or NRI. And remaining 13 were Persons of Indian Origin or PIO. By 2014 estimates, the overall population of Saudi Arabia was 30770375. Therefore, Indians constitute almost 9% Saudi Arabia’s population. The overall numbers of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are about 9 million as per the figures released in April 2013.

Majority of Indians in Saudi Arabia are settled in the cities of Riyadh, Makkah, Jubail, Khobar, Jeddah, Dammam, Jizan.

Source: Ministry of Overseas Affairs, Government of India

Property Management Services for Indian Diaspora living in Saudi Arabia

Indian in Saudi Arabia are generally working in construction, oil & energy, infrastructure development sectors. A majority of Indian Diaspora in Saudi Arabia is from the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Remittances by Indian Diaspora:
In 2013, Non Resident Indians working in Saudi Arabia remitted upward of 7.5 billion US$ to India. In 2013, the overall remittances from Indian Diaspora spread across the world were 69.97 billion US$. The major share of remittances from Saudi Arabia to India goes into the running and managing of Non Resident Indian’s households in India.

Relations between India and Saudi Arabia:
India and Saudi Arabia relations are marked by cooperation in economic, political, security, people to people ties, and defense areas. Saudi Arabia is the 4th largest trade partner of India with oil forming the major component of this trade. In 2013-14, the bilateral trade between the 2 countries was 48.75 billion US$.

Property Management Services for Indian Diaspora living in Saudi Arabia:
Indians living in Saudi Arabia continues to remit large amount of money to their households in India. Some of them invest in Properties and land. Now, they can avail the Property Management Services by listing their property here.

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