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Services for Indian Diaspora (NRI, and PIO) living in Japan

Indian Population in Japan:
Unlike in USA, UK, Singapore, or UAE, Indians in Japan are relatively few in numbers. As per the data released by Ministry of Overseas affairs – Government of India, there were 23211 Indians in Japan by the end of January 2015. Out of which, 22230 are Non Resident Indians (NRI) and 981 are Persons of Indian Origin (PIO).

As can be seen from the Indian Population in Japan, majority of them are still Indian citizens (NRI) holding valid Indian Passport. The primary reason that Indian population in Japan is meager is because of the language. Another reason could be the food.

Source: Ministry of Overseas Affairs, Government of India


Indians in Japan are mostly employed in Information Technology (IT) field. As per some estimates, approximately 60% of Indian households in Japan consist of expatriate IT professionals who are living with their families. Indian engineers are fast becoming the backbone of Japan’s IT industry.

Remittances by Indian Diaspora:
Indian Diaspora remitted approximately 72.18 billion US$ in 2015. The Diaspora remittances were 70.39 billion US$ in 2014. Majority of remittances come from Indian Diaspora settled in countries such as USA, UAE, UK, Singapore, etc. We do not have segregated data about remittances sent by Non Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin in Japan. However, the remittances by Indians in Japan primarily go into the private consumption of their households in India. Some part of the remittances is also invested in land and property.

Relations between India and Japan:
India’s relationship with Japan goes back to 6th century when Buddhism was introduced to Japan by Indian Buddhist monks. India and Japan share very warm relationship. The Prime Minister of India and Japan also share excellent friendship. Prime Minister Modi’s first overseas visit after the election victory in 2014 was that of Japan.

Trade relationship between India and Japan has been steady in recent years. In 2014-15, the bilateral trade between the 2 countries was 15.52 billion US$. Of which India exported goods and services worth 5.39 billion US$ to Japan. And Japan exported goods and services worth 10.13 billion US$ to India.

India’s primary exports to Japan have been petroleum products, , non-metallic minerals, chemicals, ferrous ores and scrap, fish and fish products, animal feeds, clothing and accessories, iron and steel products, textile and fabrics and machinery etc. India’s primary imports from Japan are electrical machinery, machinery, transport equipment, iron and steel products, metal products, plastic materials, etc.

Between April 2000 and December 2013, Japanese companies have made an investment of $15.359 billion in India.

Property management for Indians living in Japan:
Even though, Indian population in Japan is relatively small, however, they continue to remit money to India and invest in real estate sector. Non Resident Indians living in Japan can now avail Property Management Services by clicking on the link below.

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