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Services for Indian Diaspora (NRI, and PIO) living in Canada

Indian Population in Canada:
As per 2011 census, the overall population of Canada was 33476688. The estimated population of Canada by end of the first quarter of 2016 is 36048521. People of Indian origin started to move to Canada in 1903 to work. Most of them were from the state of Punjab and immigrated to Canada while India was still under British Empire.

Indian’s population in Canada, as per Ministry of overseas affairs – Government of India, was 1016185 (more than 1 million) by the end of January 2015. Of which approximately, 184320 were Non Resident Indians (NRI) and 831865 were Persons of Indian Origin (PIO).

Canada comprises of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Manitoba, New Brunswick, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan are 10 provinces in Canada. Nunavut, Yukon, and Northwest Territories are the 3 territories.

According to the National Household Survey in the 2011, Indians in Canada mainly reside in Ontario (722153), British Columbia (302153), Alberta (140265), Quebec (53400), Manitoba (25400), and Saskatchewan (10200). The overall population of people of Indian origin in Canada is 3.8% of total population of Canada.

Source: Ministry of Overseas Affairs, Government of India

Property Management Services for Indian Diaspora living in Canada

Indians started to immigrate to Canada largely only after 1967 when points system came into place. The new points system meant that immigration will be based on merit rather than on ethnicity. Immigrants were now evaluated on their skills, education, and professional experience. What it meant was, many qualified professionals such as engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists moved to Canada mainly to cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

In 1970s many people of Indian origin also arrived in Canada from other countries around the world. Since the dawn of 21st century, by some rough estimates, approximately 30000 people of Indian origin immigrate to Canada every year. In 2010, 30,252 Indians immigrated to Canada.

Most Indians in Canada belong to middle class status. They are more likely to have a university degree than the Canadian average. The household income of 54% of South Asians is about 60000 Canadian $, while it is 46% for Canadian average.

Remittances by Indian Diaspora:
In 2013, Indians living in Canada, remitted about 3.1 billion US$ to India. This is a substantial amount in overall remittances to India in 2013, which were approximately 69.97 billion US$. The remittances to India have been growing steadily every year and Indian Diaspora in Canada continues to remit substantial amount to India year after year.

The remittances by Indian Diaspora in Canada mainly go in support and running of households in India. Some part of remittances also goes towards investments in real estate, land, and securities.

Relations between India and Canada:
Canada and India shares a blossoming relationship based on the commitment to democratic values, freedom of speech, flourishing trade, cultural ties, and people to people interactions. During the visit in April 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Canada, both the countries elevated the bilateral relationship to strategic level.

The bilateral trade between the 2 countries has gone up from 4.2 billion Canadian dollars in 2010 to 6.4 billion Canadian dollars in 2014. Indian exports to Canada are readymade garments, textiles, gems, jewelry and precious stones, organic chemicals, light engineering goods, pharmaceutical products, iron & steel articles, etc. While Canada exports wood pulp, asbestos, pulses, newsprint, potash, iron scrap, copper, minerals and industrial chemicals, etc.

Indian FDI in Canada was approximately 3.973 billion Canadian $ in 2014. Canadian FDI in India was about 1.128 billion Canadian $ in 2014.

In April 2015, an agreement was signed between Indian Department of Atomic Energy and Cameco of Canada to supply Uranium to India for long term basis.

Source: Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Property Management Services for Indian Diaspora living in Canada:
Even though many Indians have immigrated to Canada and have taken up the Canadian citizenship, they still continue to maintain bond with India. Many of them have families here; many of them invest in land or property in India. An NRI or PIO can purchase residential as well as commercial property in India. However, in their absence, managing these properties is difficult. It requires professional handling.

Managed Homz provide Property Management Services to NRIs and PIOs who are living in Canada and still own a property in India. Find more about NRI Property Management Services here.

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