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Difference between Short term and Long term Renting:

Long term Renting:

  • As the name suggests, you as the Property owner wishes to rent your property to prospective tenants for long term period typically 11 months or more.
  • Managed Homz manages your Property on an ongoing basis.

Short term Renting:

  • As the name suggests, you as the Property owner wishes to generate income from your property while you are away for short time period. You can’t rent your property for long term and at the same time do not want to miss on the income that your property may generate.
  • We at Managed Homz manage your property and offer it to travelers, medical tourists, and corporate employees for short stays. Short stays can be as low as 2 days and can be as high as 2-3 months.

List Your Property

How does it work for Tenants?

Finding an apartment on rent in a city of your choice across India has always been troublesome. Even with multitudes of online web portals, one still ends up with variety of brokers. The entire process looks like this:

  • Online search
  • Call the listing brokers
  • Visit the apartments/Houses
  • Negotiate with the broker
  • Finalize your home
  • Sign an agreement
  • Pay the brokerage fee
  • Deal with house owner if there are any issues
  • Pay monthly rent and utility bills
  • Notice period for eviction of the house
At Managed Homz, we have simplified this entire process:

  • Visit managedhomz.com
  • Find the apartment of your choice across Indian cities
  • Book your apartment online
  • Visit the apartment (for verification)
  • Sign an agreement
  • Deal with Managed Homz for all other things such as maintenance issues, paying bills, and notice period.

How does it work for Property Owners?

Living away from your property or too busy to devote time to your property? You have invested a large amount of money in your property in one of the city in India, so why miss out on monthly income? We have the solution for you.

At ManagedHomz.com, you can simply list your property here. Provide full details of the property. Once listed, we market your property to prospective tenants.

List Your Property

As one of the leading Property Management Companies in India, we will carry out a set of activities to make sure your property is in safe hands and at the same time generates income. Therefore, in addition to capital appreciation gains, you get returns on your investment from monthly rental income.

Following activities are carried out by our team:
  • Property supervision
  • Find the right Tenant for your property
  • Tenant Management
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Inspection at periodic intervals
  • Prepare and track the list of inventory
  • Rent agreement and paperwork
  • Rent collection
  • Bill payments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services you Provide as part of the Property Management Package?
  • Key handling
  • Tenant marketing
  • Tenant screening including police verification and other relevant documents such as permanent address proof, Photos, employment status, and financial statements
  • Finalization of the Rent Agreement between owner and tenant
  • On-time rent collection service
  • Submission of Property Tax and Utilities Bills
  • On-call Maintenance/repair services. The bill for maintenance/repair to be borne by owner
  • Tenant Queries
  • Property Supervision - one inspection including inventory check before the signing of rent agreement, one inspection including inventory check at the termination of agreement, 2 inspections anytime during the agreement period on owner’s request. We will also capture photos

I am an NRI and I own a property in Delhi NCR, can you explain me the whole process? I mean, how does it work for someone living away?
  • You List Your Property with us
  • We start marketing it
  • We arrange for tenant site visits
  • Tenant screening
  • Rent agreement between tenant and owner
  • Property management agreement between you and our company
  • We provide you above mentioned Property management services

Do you manage commercial properties?
At this stage, No!

Where are you operational?
Currently we are operation in entire Delhi NCR region (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida)

As a property owner, how much of an effort I will be putting in?
Virtually none! We assure you peace of mind. You just have to get in touch with us and we will manage your property while you are away.

If my apartment is raw (unfurnished), can it still be rented out?
Yes, many tenants bring their own furniture. However, you may need to provide wood work in bedrooms and kitchen. We will review your apartment and advise you accordingly.

How much do you charge?
We have a standard service fee. Simply List Your Property here and we will send you our detailed cost structure.

Who pays for the maintenance and repairs?
  • When the property is being handed over to tenant for the first time, the cost of repairs is borne by the owner.
  • The cost of ongoing repair is borne either by the owner or the tenant, depending on the nature of the repair and its cause. We decide that and inform the owner or tenant accordingly.
  • On tenant termination, if repairs and renovation are required in the house due to damage, etc. caused by the tenant, they will be paid for by the outgoing tenant. When tenant evicts the house, we carry out inspection and inventory check. And if, there are some damages, then some part of security deposit is deducted and that is used by owner to refurnish the apartment again. This will be provided in the agreement.

What is your tenant screening process?
We screen every tenant on parameters such as Employment status, permanent address, police verification, financial statements, family size, and previous rental history.

What happens if a legal issue arises with respect to the tenant?
  • Our tenant screening process ensures that such situations do not arise.
  • However, in an extremely rare scenario, if this occurs, we will assist the owner in legal proceedings, help in recovering rentals and support tenant eviction, at the owner's cost. Managed Homz will not assume any liability of the legal proceedings and/or any consequential losses to the owner including rentals.

As a tenant, who I am supposed to deal with?
You have to deal with our company and not the property owner.

As a tenant, what are the documents that I need to present?
Permanent address proof, employment status, Photo ID, bank statements, Police verification (we will arrange for that), and Photos.