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Property Management in Noida

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority popularly known as Noida is located to the south east of national capital New Delhi. Yamuna River is on the western side of the city, whereas Hindon River is on the eastern side. The seeds for the development of Noida city were sown during the emergency period in order to boost urbanization. As per census 2011, the city had a population of 642381 with highest per capita income in the entire NCR region. Noida has very good physical infrastructure which has led to rapid economic growth of the city. Roads are wide and well planned. Delhi Metro has also boosted the image of the city manifold. IT and ITES companies continue to drive Noida’s economic base. As per the 2031 Noida Master plan, the population of city would be about 25 Lacs (2500000).

Given the city’s existing and projected growth, real estate sector has flourished in Noida. Investors including end-users, second home buyers, portfolio managers, and NRIs have invested in group housing projects. Managing these properties at times can be too tedious and many of the investors, NRI, PIO find it extremely difficult to take care of their properties. NRIs, PIO, investors who are living far away from their properties can avail our tailor-made NRI Services property management package.

Property Management in Noida

Noida has a total area of about 203 square kilometers. The 2011 population of 642381 is expected to reach 2500000 by 2031. The Noida Development Authority has prepared the master plan of the city keeping in mind the population and economic growth of the city. Proposed land use by 2031 is expected to be 15279.90 hectares.

  • As per 2031 master plan, Area earmarked for residential use is 5722.14 hectares which is about 37.45% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for commercial development is 581.33 hectares which is about 3.80% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for industrial development is 2806.52 hectares which is about 18.37% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for public and semi public facilities is 1357.97 hectares which is about 8.89% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for transportation is 1942.15 hectares which is about 12.71% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for recreational purposes is 2432.82 hectares which is about 15.92% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for agricultural activities is 332.47 hectares which is about 2.18% of total area.
  • Area earmarked for water bodies is 104.50 hectares which is about 0.68% of total area.

Where is real estate development taking place in Noida?
The real estate development in Noida is taking place in following 3 zones:

  • Sector 74 to Sector 79 – Real estate projects in Sector 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 and Sector 79 were launched in and around year 2008. And most of the projects are completed and possession had been handed over. However, there are still some residential and commercial projects that are in various stages of construction and within2 years, possession of these projects will also be given. In some of the gated housing societies, families have started to live. And there is plenty of demand for apartment on rent in this zone in Noida. Prominent builders in this zone are Amrapali, Supertech, Mahagun, Assotech, Sethi, Prateek, etc.
  • Sector 117 to Sector 122 – Realty development in this zone including sectors such as 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, and sector 122 is close to completion. Many prominent builders have offered possession of housing units in this zone. Internal and external road work is also complete barring few patches and that will also be finished sooner rather than later. Connectivity of these sectors from Noida city center is straight-forward and it just takes about 10 minutes.
  • Noida Expressway – Sectors such as 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 135, 167, 150, 137, 92, 93, 94, 143, 168, 138, 98, 96, 97, 98, and sector 144 are major sectors along the 23 kilometers expressway that connects Noida with Greater Noida. Real estate development of residential as well as commercial projects is under various stages of construction. Many families are already residing in some of these sectors and in couple of year’s time, many more families will move to their apartments when possession is handed over.

Noida - 2031 Master Plan:

Demand for housing in Noida:
Noida’s economic base is IT/ITES industry and therefore given the expected population growth & high per capita income, the city will continue to supply luxury as well mid-segment housing options. Because of forecasted population of 25 Lacs by 2031, the demand for housing in the city will surge. Because of this, many investors with surplus income and Non Resident Indians (NRI) have invested in city’s real estate. The city will continue to attract homebuyers as well as real estate investors.

Why Property Management in Noida?
Because of the bright potential of the city, many investors have already invested and will continue to invest in Noida real estate. At the same time, Non Resident Indians (NRI) and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) have also invested in Noida Property market. And it truly becomes difficult for someone who has a large portfolio of real estate to manage these properties and generate regular rental income in addition to the capital appreciation gains. Non Resident Indians (NRI) and PIO find it even more difficult to manage their properties in Noida because of living far away in various countries around the world. These NRIs visit India at best twice a year and dealing with tenants, doing paperwork, collecting & paying bills, maintenance issues are too large to resolve in their short visits.

Therefore, it makes sense to opt for a Property Management company in Noida to take care of the property. The services provided by a property management company can go a long way in resolving tenant issues, tenant search, maintenance, and above all supervision of the property. The property investment will not only be safe & secure but at the same time will generate rental income. Moreover, if the property is in use, it does not develop any defects such as dampness, structural issues, and non performance of bath & electric fittings. At the same time, property remains under constant supervision and thereby eliminating the risks of encroachment.

At Managed Homz, we provide full NRI Property Management services to Non Resident Indians, PIO, and investors who are either too busy or living far away. We inspect the property, search and screen the tenant, provide repair and maintenance support, collect bills & rent, enhance property value, handle any tenant queries.

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Rental Values in Noida:
What is the rent that one can expect in various micro markets of Noida? As an NRI or investor, you are always looking to maximize your returns from your property investment. Find below the up to date rental value chart for your reference.
Rental Values in Noida