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About Us

We are professionally managed Property Management Company in India. As the name ‘Managed Homz’ suggests, we manage properties for Non Resident Indians (NRI) and people who are either too busy or are living far away to manage their own properties. Make no mistake, managing your property worth Lacs or Crores of Rupees require proper planning and constant hawk eye. We have put together the team to carry out the necessary activities to manage your property (lifelong investment).

Why do you need Property Management Services?

Do you own a residential property such as an apartment, independent house, villa, bungalow, or a studio apartment in India? However, you are too busy or too far away from your property. You fear that somebody may encroach upon your property. And therefore, you are not able to unlock the true value of your property.

Are you a Non Resident Indian (NRI), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), investor who is living away, or you are too busy to manage the property?

A residential property gives you returns in 2 possible ways:

  • Capital appreciation
  • Rental income
While, capital appreciation of your property will happen based on market conditions, you can still focus on earning a monthly rental income from your property.

And since, you are either too busy or living far away from your property; we will carry out the following activities for your property:

  • Our team will help you in protecting your property,
  • Find a suitable tenant after a comprehensive tenant check,
  • Manage the tenant,
  • Maintenance of the property including any repair work
  • Regular inspection,
  • Inventory check,
  • Preparation of rental agreement,
  • Housekeeping,
  • And collect your monthly rental income.
We encourage you to list your property by clicking the below link. As a professional Property Management Company, we will ensure that your property is in safe hands:

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Why shouldn’t you keep your property locked or idle?

A Case Study

Sumit Sachdeva recently invested 80 Lacs Rupees in a 3BHK apartment in Gurgaon. He paid Rupees 20 Lacs (2000000) from his own savings and for remaining 60 Lacs Rupees (6000000); he took a bank home loan.

EMI on home loan

As can be seen from the EMI calculator above, at the end of 20 years period, the cost of property to Sumit would be Rupees 2000000+13896312 = Rupees 15896312.

Now, what are the returns on investment?
Capital appreciation gains:
  • Investment (Rs) - 8000000
  • Assume Yearly appreciation - 10%
  • Real estate investment returns in India

    However, Because of the nature of his job, Sumit had to relocate overseas and therefore could not manage or rent out his property. Had he rented out the Property, Sumit would have earned following income.

    A typical 3BHK in an upcoming location would have fetched Sumit about Rupees 20000 per month inclusive of society maintenance Fee which is about Rupees 3000 per month. In other words, net yearly income of Rupees 200000 after paying for society maintenance fee. We are assuming that Annual rent appreciation is 5%.

    Property rental income in India

    Total rental income in these 6 years = Rupees 1360383

    Therefore, had Sumit rented out the property, his property value at the end of 2021 would be = Rupees 14244463

    • Compounded rate of annual growth when his property is not rented out = 10%
    • Compounded rate of annual growth when his property is rented out = 12.23%